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Important Update (COVID)

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Dear Church Family,

I hope this letter finds you well, safe and hopeful, especially during this time when so much is happening on multiple fronts.

By now, you probably have caught wind of the state mandate for wearing masks in public establishments. (Link provided below). It is our intention at Calvary Austin to cooperate with state officials, not only out of respect for the law, but even more, out of respect for all of you who grace our doors each week. We realize there are differing views when it comes to wearing a mask. As a church, it is not our place to debate their effectiveness. What is certain is this: there’s no harm in being wrong about wearing a mask. As for those who oppose the idea, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be wrong with so much at stake.

When things hit close to home, it causes you to think more seriously, which is true in my case. Until recently, I didn’t know anyone who had covid, at least not personally. With this recent spike, that has changed. I now know several people that have not only tested positive, but are ill with symptoms. A dear friend of mine is in quarantine with covid, along with his family.

From what we’re told, our best defense against covid is: sanitizing our hands, wearing a mask and social distancing. Out of consideration for your brothers and sisters, we ask that you adhere to these simple guidelines at our worship services. Until further notice, masks will be required upon entry. Because of supply and demand, our inventory is low, so we’re counting on you to come prepared with a mask to wear for your stay. Hand sanitizer will continue to be available. Lastly, we need to be considerate of one another’s space. No handshakes or hugs. Love one another from a safe distance (6’).

These guidelines may not be the most comfortable, but love is best demonstrated through sacrifice. So, here’s our opportunity to “die to self” as Jesus put it, and to express love in “agape” fashion as taught by Jesus. If He could gird Himself with a towel to wash dirty feet, wearing a mask is not a big ask.

If for any reason you are unable to attend our 10:00am service, we invite you to participate online at noon at: (EDIT: Our service now meets @ 10am in person and 10am online.)

Here is the link to the governor’s order:

Stay well, dear friends. Let us know how we can pray for you or if you need anything from us.

P. Terry

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